Designated Survivor set to hit the screens, help the series to survive.

The designated survivor is an American Political based television series, starring Keifer Sutherland, Italia Riccia and many other fine actors.

This American television drama series is created by David Guggenheim which aired on ABC for two seasons and the next season will be aired on Netflix.
The designated survivor is based on the story, of how an unassumed man from the Housing and Urban development suddenly becomes the President of the United States after the mass terrorist attack on the states of Union Address in Washington ends up giving him this position. Well the entire series isn’t  purely political, it has some different elements which disconnects you from thee

How much is too much? Well, when it comes to Designated Survivor, the line has clearly been blurred to a great extent. The reports of the earlier season’s say this television drama wants to do way too many things in one frame which helps the series to aim high and fall short. This series tries hard to be politically relevant but fails to do so. It has an impactful start to the series which helps to create a traffic jam but for not too long. Season one was comparatively better than season two. It had a flawless way to narrate the storyline and the actors did their best. There were interesting twists and turns which created solid hours of tension.

Season 2 had a very handful number of amazing episodes but Keifer nailed it by his incredible acting. He was phenomenal as Tom. Though the finale ended on a very subtle note, there are many stones yet unturned. The season 03 excites the fans and eagerly waits to see how the drama unfolds again.

This entire series is a package of too many things packed together, somehow ends up entertaining the audiences. If Political drama is your cup of tea you should not wait and start watching it today.

Season three is set to the screens on 7 June 2017.