Elder Scrolls 6: you just can’t go on without knowing this!

This might not come off as a huge surprise anymore seeing how the news about Elder Scrolls 6 was pretty scarce all along. For all those who have been waiting for the release of Elder Scrolls 6, well, it just so happens that you might just start to grow way old by the time of the release. And what’s more disappointing is that I’m unfortunately not exaggerating.

It’s not surprising in the least knowing how Bethesda always announces the release right before it’s about to release.

Here’s all we know about the Elder Scrolls 6 so far!

Elder Scrolls 6When can I play Elder Scrolls 6?

Seeing how the release is not anytime sooner, you might have to wait for quite long, at the least for more than a year.

Assuming that the development has already started, I guess it’s safe for us to bet that the release might happen sometime in 2021 and the teaser might be hopefully out by late this year or early 2020.

Elder Scrolls 6
What is Elder Scrolls 6?

In this game, you would be attempting to stop an invasion by some long forgotten mythical vampiric race. These people called the Akaviri are a half snake and half human (maybe?) hybrid. They are a race shrouded in mystery so far. They are named so due to them coming from a place called Akavir, an eastern continent to Tamriel.

Elder Scrolls 6
Is the trailer out of Elder Scrolls 6?

Finally, I’m able to say something positive! The 36-second trailer that was out at E3 2018, gives us a small taste of how the game is going to be. However, I’m afraid that might be the only trailer we will see in a long time seeing how the team is probably concentrating on other works like Starfield.

The game is not going to be at E3 this year according to Todd Howard himself, making it kind of official.

As for the rest of the details, what we know is as much as what you know seeing how Elder Scrolls 6 is still kept behind hidden locked doors. Maybe it is a secret weapon against the entire gaming market?