The Crown Season 3 may soon arrive: Know all about Cast, Plot and More!

The recent flooding of pictures from the filming of one of the most thumb twiddling shows on Netflix on the internet has created a frenzy of excitement. The Crown Season 3 may soon arrive on Netflix with a bang!

Set in and centered around Queen Elizabeth, The Crown has been praised for its acting, direction, writing, cinematography, production values, and the relatively accurate historical account of Queen Elizabeth’s reign. The first two seasons received several accolades and was rated highly by the audience.

Now we know that Queen Elizabeth will be played by the brilliant Olivia Colman, it has definitely made us sit straighter on our chairs! Seasons 1 and 2 traces Queen Elizabeth’s life from the wedding and with a lot of royal excitement and discrepancies, ends with the birth of Prince Edward in 1964.

Season 3: What is to be expected?

Olivia Colman has already created a new level of hype and predictions about the new season and we’re all looking forward to it. Season 3 is expected to start immediately from where things ended previously and also introduced Camilla Shand and Lady Diana Spencer. But one thing we’re sure of; Season 3 is going to be as amazing and carry the same suspense and weight of situations gracefully as it did in previous seasons.

Release Date and Cast:

Netflix, as usual, is tight-lipped about the announcement of its shows and their new seasons but some things can be calculated and estimated by us.

There is an obvious pattern noticeable – both the seasons of The Crown hit Netflix at the end of the year. So it is expected that Season 3 will similarly arrive at the end of 2019. That is closer than we thought!

Though Netflix is reticent about Season 3’s content and release date, the potential spoilers of Lady Diana being introduced keep us going and multiplies our excitement exponentially as days go by.