Hobbs and Shaw Feud? Rock calls Jason Statham ‘asshole’ on Instagram

The Fast and Furious series is one of the most successful and consistent franchise alongside the Mission Impossible Franchise. And a big chunk of its success can be attributed to the introduction of The Rock into the Franchise. The Rock provided the much-needed momentum, Charisma and Balls to the walls action that seemed to be fading away in the Franchise.

But even though The Rock’s introduction was overall a positive thing it wasn’t just all good thing. As we all know The Rock and Vin Diesel have had feuds in the past. But doesn’t seem to be affecting the franchise itself. However, there is an interesting post on Instagram that the rock made that demands our attention.

As we all know The Rock and Jason Statham are partnering up for their upcoming solo movie named Hobbs and Shaw. Although Hobbs and Shaw are set in the same Fast and Furious universe it isn’t a sequel to 2017’s Fast and Furious 8 but will act as a standalone movie which will pair the unlikely duo together to fight a superhuman soldier played by Edris Elba.

But that is not ‘the’ interesting that we are talking about here. In the recent post that the Rock made on his Instagram, he said, “I’m a gentleman who eats raw coffee grounds for breakfast and he’s an asshole who drinks tea.
And that’s why we can’t be friends.”

So at first, it may seem to many people that like The rock is making a jab at Jason Statham by calling him an “asshole who drinks tea” but that is wrong. This comment is just playful banter between the two as they also have similar chemistry in the movie where they are forced to work together to fight a bigger evil.

And this is not the first time the Rock has called Jason an Asshole.

You can check out The Rock and Jason Statham together in Hobbs and Shaw on August 2.