Money Heist: Season 3 Release Date, Plot & All we Know so far!


    With an IMDB rating of 8.6\10, the money heist is one of the best television series of all time. Being a Spanish television series, it has been loved by viewers all over the globe. The season 3 is going to be much more exciting.

    The Spanish television series created by “Alex pina” revolves around a long-planned assault on the Royal Mint of Spain in Madrid, the capital of Spain. It portrays a mysterious man called “the professor” who plans to enter the Royal Mint and print 2.4 billion euros of currency. For this, he recruits 8 persons with specific abilities and who have nothing to lose. After entering inside, they have 11 days of seclusion to deal with the police and the elite forces and the 67 hostages.

    Money Heist: Season 3 Release Date, Plot & All we Know so far!

    It was premiered on 2nd May 2017 on the Spanish network  “Antena 3”. Then after broadcasting the series on Spanish television, in late 2017  Netflix acquired it. Netflix then rewrote and edited the series and re-releases it worldwide. Then after a successful 2 series, Netflix renewed the series for the third part in March of 2018. The third part is to be released in April 2019. Netflix announced in its report that it is the most watched no- English show in its entire history.

    This show was nominated for the best drama series and won the 46th International Emmy award in 2018.

    As season 2 goes on, you would start getting excited about how they would be able to escape from the bank, and with every episode, the tension goes higher and higher. With the end of season 2, you would know that they will escape with some of the main characters being caught or killed. So does one of the main characters Berlin who was shot dead. But in the trailer of season 3, it looks like Berlin is back. Say what?

    This season 3 of the popular tv series will be exciting to watch as there are a lot of secrets to be revealed by Netflix on 19th July. If not yet watched the previous seasons then you have a lot of being-watching to do.