PlayStation’s Game “The Last of Us part 2” Release date still not revealed

One of PlayStation’s most awaited games, The Last of Us Part II has yet again been delayed, much to the dismay of fans.

The game was set to release this year, in November but it seems the gamers might have to wait another year for the sequel. The launch was first announced during PlayStation experience 2016 by creators Naughty Dog. A teaser trailer was dropped even when the game play had not yet been developed.

It is a post apocalyptic game with the protagonist Ellie leading you to different monsters and adventures. The fans are eager to follow her into another journey but there is no news of the game since E3 2018.

The trailer was released revealing gory scenes of battles and Ellie using stealth as a strength and all out attack to defeat the monsters. Although, this time the villains are slightly different, it is a delight to watch nonetheless. The visuals are fantastic as usual, and it gives us a glimpse of the storyline.


It was revealed in 2017 that the storyline would take place in Seattle, and the story will be even darker than the previous one. The game is expected to be even more complex and the story line more elaborate. With the date of the other games released for PlayStation, fans were curious about when The Last of Us Part II will release.

Anthony Newman, the producer, revealed that they are in the last stages of the production of gameplay and will be done very soon with it.

One thing the fans loved about the game was the storyline so Naughty Dog had to work twice as hard to make it better. This time Ellie is out for revenge against something but we don’t know what it is yet. Joel is also still a main character in the game according to the trailer teaser launched in 2017.

Hopes are particularly high for this larger story as it’s been revealed that one of the writers of Westworld, Halley Gross, will be co-writing the game’s story. Ellie is equipped with a knife which help with stealth. The characters were made more realistic and mature as the game play takes place five years from the original one.

Druckkman, the director of the game stated that it would be better than the original. Rumors suggest that news about the game will be revealed during E3 2019. Until then, fans are left to speculate about the release of the game. The release is supposedly set for late 2019 to early 2020.