The Society season 2 will soon be out on Netflix. Release Date & Cast

Seeing how the first season of The Society was a huge hit, Netflix might just decide on a second season. If that happens, the entire fandom, who like me binge-streamed the entire 10 episodes of the season one in a single day, would go crazy with joy! Here’s all you need to know about season 2!

When is the release date?

CREDIT: Netflix

To be downright honest, Netflix has not revealed many details on season 2, if it’s going to happen. Seeing how we are kept in dark about the release details, it would be extremely difficult to predict the exact date of the release.

The Society creator Christopher Keyser said the Netflix would decide the fate of season 2 depending on the viewership of the season 1 on Netflix.
So if you do want a season 2 to come out, get all your mates together and increase the viewership of the first season.

What is the story of the Society season 2?

CREDIT: Netflix

In season 1, Gordie and Bean find out that the Earth in which they are living is not exactly their own, but an alternate universe. With all the teens of the West Ham stuck in this parallel universe, the Earth which was supposedly theirs remains the same except without them.

The town recognizes them missing with plaques like “We remember them”.
Seeing how at the end of the first installment they are still stuck in this parallel universe, the season 2 will kick off with their attempts of getting back to the “right” Earth. Even if they do find their way back home, the consequences that might happen after that is definitely up in the air! Since Grizz and team found a place to grow crops, they might just not die due to starvation.

The Society season 2’s Cast?

With most of the main cast being alive when the first season ended, there is a huge possibility of them returning. If season 2 does return, we would most likely see Allie (played by Kathryn Newton), Will (played by Jacques Colimon), Campbell (played by Toby Wallace), Becca (played by Gideon Adlon), Sam (played by Sean Berdy), Harry (played by Alex Fitzalan), Kelly (played by Kristine Froseth), Helena (played by Natasha Liu Bordizzo), Elle (played by Olivia DeJonge), Gordie (played by José Julián), Bean (played by Salena Qureshi), Luke (played by Alex MacNicoll), Grizz (played by Jack Mulhern), Clark (played by Spencer House), Jason (played by Emilio Garcia-Sanchez), Gwen (played by Olivia Nikkanen) and Lexie (played by Grace Victoria Cox) among others making an appearance in the cast.