Flawlessly Executed ‘Chernobyl’: One Of The Greatest Hits This Decade

Aired with no prior exorbitant publicity but with the splendid cast with their juggernaut acting and a praiseworthy tight script, Chernobyl became one of the biggest hits this year on TV leaving all its viewers reeling from the 5 episode miniseries.

Sizzling with raw intensity, the show depicts one of the most horrors struck catastrophic incident, Chernobyl disaster, with heart-wrenching gravity and depth. Beginning of the episode jumps right into the bleak and right mood, Jared Harris hangs himself and thereby bringing us straight into this complex disaster with multiple people to blame and victimize.

The Chernobyl Podcast

A docudrama never necessarily reveals all of what is dramatized for artistic license and how it deviates from the historical occurrences but Chernobyl stands out once again. The writers definitely don’t want all its viewers to take what’s offered; instead, just introspect what human frailty and mind can make them do things unimaginable.

The Podcast accompanying each episode breaks down all of what is shown and tries to show the viewers a bigger and more pixelated image. It openly declares of what is overstated and dramatized and allows us to widen our horizons and just think! This is one of the remarkable characteristics that has made Chernobyl a huge hit.

Not necessarily a fan based drama, it skilfully executes all its chapters, unfolding every consequence and horror that the disaster has brought upon to families and individuals; people who sacrificed their lives to contain the horror from spreading and causing more destruct and damage than what it has already done.

Chernobyl gives you a glimpse of the harsh reality of humans with their fickle minds and the level of atrocity the can cause.