Patrick Stewart returning in Star Trek: Discovery’s spin off named “Picard”

The science fiction flick, known as Stark Trek: Discovery is getting a new spin-off named Star Trek: Picard. The series already had its another spin-off named Short Treks and looks like they are planning again. This spin-off show revolves around the story of Star Trek character Jean Luc Picard.

This project is the most anticipated flicks in the Star Trek franchise. The best side to be happy and madly wait about is that it marks the return of Patrick Stewart. Yes, the same guy who became an international star in the 80s and 90s only due to his performance in same Star Trek franchise. Patrick Stewart was last seen in Star Trek Nemesis and he told he wouldn’t return for the role. But in Star Trek Convention in 2018, surprisingly he announced his comeback.

Now the ┬áPicard is back, and alongside Star Trek: Discovery, figures to be a foundation of CBS All Access’ progressing endeavors to rejuvenate the establishment that made what exactly it is now. Data have been held under substantial watchman, with data spilling out in all respects slowly in the course of the most recent couple of months. Recently was the arrangement given an official title, the fittingly to-the-point Star Trek: Picard; we likewise got a short look at Picard himself, looking somewhat more established and apparently not wearing a Starfleet uniform.