Rockstar won’t showcase GTA 6 at E3 2019. Release date delayed to 2021

The nameĀ GTA enough to make any millennial stand up on their toes. The fan following of the game is adequate enough to make another country of it. Yes, Grand Theft Auto was able to capture not only hearts but minds too. Back in the days, when 24*7 internet connection was still a luxury and kids were not keen to manage their Instagram feed, GTA was the one thing keeping us together.

Grand Theft Auto is an action-adventure video game series located in the towns of Vice City, San Andreas and Liberty City which are actually stand-ins for New York City, Miami, and California. The game series has been critically acclaimed as well as commercially successful too.

The first game was launched in 1997 for Microsoft Windows and MS-DOS and has been subsequently compatible with iOS, Android and Fire OS with the launching of every new game. New locations such as ‘Anywhere City’. Not only this, the game had few inappropriate parts too such as involvement of sexual activities with prostitutes to ‘boost up’ health and actually, killing them to get some money back. Whatever that was, the game in all was able to make the millennial childhood enthralling and exciting with new games, locations, and missions.

Image from Rockstar Games.

GTA 6: What can we Expect?

The GTA 5 has been quite a big success but there is no hint by the creators regarding the launch date of GTA 6. There is not much to predict but surely the new series is going to get launched in 2019 or anytime soon according to the zero buzz in the gaming arena.

However, there are speculations of there being a female protagonists remains a debate here. Not much can be said about the locations and the new features because after all, it’s Grand Theft Auto: The Unpredictable!