Always Be My Maybe: Best Rom-Com? Every Information to Know.

Always Be My Maybe is a new film starring and co-written by Ali Wong and Randall Park. It is one of the best romantic comedy which is streaming on Netflix. It also continues Netflix’s streak of solid romantic comedies as its viewers love the content.

The movie tells the story of Marcus and Sasha played by Park and Wong respectively, who once met in their childhood. After their intimacy in those young days, they drifted apart. But fate had something different for them.

In the future, in their 30s, they met once again. This interaction led to the realization that they both are made for each other. So finally they stayed together and cherished their relationship.


The movie feels like a throwback to the best romantic comedies of the ’90s. Both the actor and the co-writer confessed that they had “When Harry Met Sally” and Boomerang” as their inspiration.

From the trailer of the movie, it was clear that Keanu Reeves will be in it. He had the screen for a brief time, but he won our hearts with that. We further won’t be spoiling this anymore for you. Go and watch it yourself.

In the first script written by Golamco, Ali Wong, and Randall Park, this actor was their first choice. “He’s the dream guy,” said Khan. “Like, we don’t know what his schedule is, but this would be amazing.”

The movie was a success, but till now there has been no confirmation that there will be a sequel to it. But according to its writers, it is possible that they would further continue the story once the agreement is done.