Chris Pine will Definitely be Back in Wonder Woman 1984

Director Patty Jenkins confirmed on Twitter that Chris Pine would be reprising the role of Steve Trevor in the upcoming Wonder Woman sequel, which is slated to release in November 2019.

Steve Trevor is back after his tragic destiny in the first movie

Chris Pine will Definitely be Back in Wonder Woman 1984

Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins stated in June 2018, in a Twitter post, that Chris Pine will be playing the role of Steve Trevor in her Wonder Woman sequel. She also confirmed that the sequel would be titled ‘Wonder Woman 1984’. The first official stills from the movie were released on her and Gal Gadot‘s Twitter accounts.

What is in store for Chris Pine?

The news of Steve Trevor’s sent fans speculating as to how might the character return in the sequel, along with excitement and anxiety. Steve Trevor served as the love interest of Wonder Woman, and he died during the movie’s climax, trying to help Diana save the world from Ares’ wrath.

His death served as an emotional and turning point in Diana’s life, as shown in following DCEU movies such as Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) and Justice League (2017). In both the movies, she is said to have hidden from the world due to emotional trauma. But Wonder Woman 1984 seems to go against Wonder Woman’s confession to Bruce Wayne at the end of Batman v. Superman, where she said that she walked away from man’s world for a hundred years.

What could it mean for Wonder Woman?

Earlier it was implicated that Wonder Woman was absent from her role as an Amazonian warrior and protector from the end of World War I till her appearance during Batman’s and Superman’s battle against Doomsday.

But Wonder Woman 1984 will see her face her nemesis, the Cheetah (Kristen Wiig) during the Cold War, exposing a few secrets Diana might have kept from Batman and signifying that maybe even the world’s greatest detective doesn’t know everything.

A significant point in Wonder Woman (2017) was the chemistry between Diana(Gadot) and Steve(Pine). While Trevor never stood in the way of Wonder Woman’s agency and heroism, he was given enough of an arc to make him a plausible love interest along with a memorable character on his own. His death highlighted the cost of mankind’s war and the seriousness of the film’s approach to life and death.

Chris Pine will Definitely be Back in Wonder Woman 1984

Although Trevor’s return might seem like an unexpected (but welcome) move, it has many comic storylines to explain his resurrection. In the comics, there have been many Steve Trevors. The Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman 1984 might also not be the original Steve Trevor, from the first movie, but rather a convoluted, darker presence, created by one of the antagonists. Either way, good or bad, Chris Pine‘s character’s revival will play a role in the franchise going forward.

While it’s unlikely we’ll get any answers about Steve Trevor’s return until Wonder Woman 1984 is in theatres, it is good to know that Pine still has a role in the franchise going forward. Trevor’s performance will open up new possibilities for DCEU to explore.