Harrison Ford reprise his role and reveales details about Indiana Jones

The world’s most popular archaeology professor is all set to be back again. The immensely popular Indiana Jones franchise shall be back with its fifth installment. Harrison Ford shall reprise his role for the upcoming movie. He divulged details about the action/adventure series in an interview.

Credits: IMDB

In an interview with Variety, Harrison Ford dished out important news about Indiana Jones. He shared when they cast would begin shooting the movie. Ford revealed that the shooting would begin “sometime next year.” Ford’s revelation might come as a disappointment for some fans who believed that shooting for the fifth instalment of Indiana Jones would begin next month.

The first instalment of the Indiana Jones franchise came out in 1981. Directed by Steven Spielberg, the Raiders of the Lost Ark catapulted Harrison Ford to international fame. The subsequent movies have been received well by both critics and fans. The movies have since then amassed a cult following.

The last instalment of Indiana Jones was screened on 2008. The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull saw Shia LeBeouf appear as the long lost son of Indiana Jones. Ford has been attached to his role as adventurist. He revealed that he was excited to begin shooting the yet unnamed movie.

Credits: British GQ

The 76 year old actor also wanted the movies to end with him as the lead. Ford explained that he did not want anyone else to play the character. “I’m Indiana Jones. When I’m gone, he’s gone. It’s easy,” Ford said in an interview with Today.

This movie would have a change of screenwriter as Jonathan Kasdan shall take over from David Koepp. Spielberg shall direct the movie. Disney announced a new date for the release of the movie. After initially suggesting that the movie would be out by 2020, it’s slated to release on 2021.