John Wick Chapter 4: Will this be Keanu Reeves’ End? and More!


    John wick chapter 3 hit the theatres last Friday and is grossing as one of the best movies all over. Fans were not finished by the release of chapter 3 that they got the breaking news through a text message about the sequel “John wick chapter 4” ready to hit on 21st of May 2021. Yes, there are two years to go.

    At the last scene of John wick chapter 3, we experienced an intense fight where we could see the damage on the retired assassin’s body, John wick which is taking revenge for the murder of his dog and stealing his car which was his wife’s last gift for him.

    Keanu Reeves is a Canadian- American actor who is playing the role of John wick in the movie directed by Chad Stahelski. John Wick is a revenge-based story and is full of action. No doubt it takes years to give a perfect action movie; thus we have seen the first chapter in 2014 and second in 2017, and now after the gap of 2 years, we faced chapter 3 and will experience chapter 4 after two years that is in 2021.

    John Wick Chapter 4: Will this be Keanu Reeves' End? and More!

    A retired assassin may take his revenge at an elementary level, and the story of John wick is quite straightforward but when it comes to Keanu Reeves how can he take it thus the level of action is high and requires 4 parts to complete his revenge.

    The rumors are that at the end of chapter 4, Reeves will die after taking his revenge, and this will be the last part, but who knows what will happen.

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