Lil Xan Investigated By Police For Deadly Weapon Assault, He might be Jailed! if found Guilty


    Lil Xan, an American rapper, singer, songwriter who got investigated by the police for his weapon assault.

    Police are investigating Lil Xan in Los Angeles as he was found assaulting a handgun on a man. According to TMZ, he was indulged in a dispute with a man on 7th June 2019 last week. He reportedly confronted the rapper about his negative comments. That he made on Tupac’s music is boring and less interesting in 2018.

    All these incidents were shooted by the crowd who were watching this argument and fight that eventually turned into assault. Lil Xan is clearly shown when he pulls out his handgun and gets into his car before driving his car away.

    The man involved in this incident has actively reported to the police about the incident that happened. He has filed a report against Xan’s actions. He has explained the cops about how Lil Xan has assaulted with a deadly weapon.

    After his complaint, the police have registered a case against the rapper and has started with their investigation process and procedure strictly as they do it for common people. Police have shown their unbiased role to serve everyone equally and in a balanced way.

    The Robbery-Homicide Division is investigating Lil Xan. There are chances that he might face four years of imprisonment if he is found guilty in this incident happened.

    Lil Xan also posted his response to the incident that happened on a gas station on his Instagram. That post has been now deleted due to investigation and another security issue. He said that pulling out his handgun was for his self-defense and he did it to self-defense. And media is trying to twist and turn the story. And is showing his negative image among the public. He said he was being attacked by the man and was being distorted. So, therefore, he pulled his gun out and used it in the name of self-defense action.