‘Louis Tomlinson’ Having Fun with His Longtime Girlfriend ‘Eleanor Calder’

'Louis Tomlinson' Having Fun with His Longtime Girlfriend 'Eleanor Calder'

Louis Tomlinson was spotted having fun with his longtime girlfriend Eleanor Calder in Ibiza on the 1st of June. This one-direction singer reportedly rekindled his relationship with Calder in January 2017 after breaking up with her in March 2015.

They seem to have had a great time last weekend with an outside hang out. Louis looked like he was in a smoke break where he was spotted in an embrace with Eleanor.

Eleanor happens to be a University of Manchester graduate in sociology and also a regular fashion blogger. Ever since they rekindled their cute relationship in 2017, the news on their public spotting has been next to scarce. This recent news, however, shows that this couple is still going on strong.

'Louis Tomlinson' Having Fun with His Longtime Girlfriend 'Eleanor Calder'

With Louis Tomlinson being busy with his latest release of “Two of us” in March which was supposedly a part of his upcoming solo debut album, it looks like the two of them are having lesser and lesser time to spend with each other.

With the passing of Tomlinson’s sister, Félicité at the young age of 18 this March, Louis was pretty down these months. However, it appears like he is already starting to recover, though. I guess with the loss of his mother and his sister, and he needs some happiness in life. Maybe Eleanor plays a huge time in this happiness.

'Louis Tomlinson' Having Fun with His Longtime Girlfriend 'Eleanor Calder'

Nevertheless, this one-direction singer is balancing both his professional life and his social life. Let’s hope his songs continue to make huge hits, and his relationship with Calder becomes fruitful.

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