Pacific Rim 3: Will it happen after the sequel under performed?

Could Pacific Rim 3 finally conclude the thrilling sci-fi series? Especially after the 2018 sequel performed poorly at the box office, and even though fans want another Pacific Rim, will Universal sanction a threequel?

Pacific Rim 2: A disastrous sequel.

In March 2018 we got the long-awaited sequel of the magnificent and original Pacific Rim (2013), under the name Pacific Rim: Uprising. Despite being a sequel that was requested by most fans, particularly after the success of the first Pacific Rim, the movie was not well received, both critically and commercially, by the audience.

The film did lay the foundation for another sequel, but there has not yet been any official confirmation if Pacific Rim 3 is ever happening.

Pacific Rim 3: Will it happen after the sequel under performed?

While Pacific Rim: Uprising did not do well at the box office, it did indeed set up a future plotline for an upcoming movie. The sequel, like the original directed by Guillermo del Toro, ended with the humans preventing another Kaiju invasion. But, in the latest movie, it was revealed that the Kaijus were actually created by the Precursors.

During the conclusion of the film, the imprisoned Precursor Emissary threatened that they would continue attacking the earth until its destruction. To this, Jake (played by John Boyega) responds that the next time it will be the humans who will be attacking the Precursors.

Pacific Rim 3: Will it happen after the sequel under performed?

Pacific Rim 3: Taking the fight to them

Although nothing has been declared about the official plot of the follow-up, we can guess that it will be the humans who will go to the Precursors’ homeland, to defeat them for the final time.

Well, according to the director of the sequel Steven S. DeKnight, he might not be directing the next movie, because of a busy schedule, although he said that he really wants to see the trilogy to end. But considering the fandom this series has managed to gather, Legendary Entertainment will hope to capitalize on the growing interest of the audience.

Also, Netflix has confirmed an anime-style series based on Pacific Rim. I guess we will be getting enough Jaeger vs. Kaiju to entertain us in the following years.