Retelling Jessica Jones Series: The Super Hero turns into a sleuth

Jessica, the superhero turns into a sleuth. Her philanthropic aspect to save the world continues in the series. She is witty and sarcastic. The series, Jessica Jones has arrested the interest of the audience to a great extent.

Briefings on Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones is a character of the Marvel which is the store house of super heroes and wonder women. Jessica Jones is an eponymous American web series and is a creation of Netflix and has been directed by Melissa Rosenberg. The series has been premised on the Marvel comic character of the same name. This particular series is also set against a backdrop of the Marvel cinematic universe. The series belongs to the genre of the psychological thriller and is enticing the audience at large.

About the character: Jessica Jones

Played by Krysten Ritter, Jessica Jones opens her own detective agency. Jessica deals with the real problems of the society which includes abuse and molestations. Jessica is very rough around the edges and is very sarcastic. The character of Jessica is somewhat analogous to Sherlock Holmes, all witty, shrewd and sarcastic.


Jessica Jones is basically the afterlife of her brief career of being a superhero. She tries to stand up and establish herself again and tries to put her superhuman qualities into better use. She decides to become a private detective which includes cases of people with remarkable abilities and prodigies. In an encounter with Kilgrave, Jessica is again pulled back to her past which she is constantly trying to escape from.

The speculated viewership

It is speculated that the American series Jessica Jones has enticed and drawn many audiences especially the aficionados of Marvel. It is mainly a hit amongst the women as it is been interpreted so that the series has been developed from a feminist perspective providing empowerment to women. Though Netflix never unveils the viewership other sources are of the opinion of that the viewership is only proliferating as the series is spreading like fire worldwide.