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Men In Black is a movie series which has piqued the interest of the audience ever since it’s first part came out. Men In Black 3 return the nostalgia of 1969 in its own humorous and plot satisfying manner.


In Men In Black 3, Agent J travels back in time to save his partner Agent K from getting murdered and to prevent the future world from getting collapsed by an extraterrestrial species. In the movie, Josh Brolin represent the character of younger Agent K. Brolin’s performance, authentically captured the role of young K.


One night Agent J realizes that something is odd with his reality in which Agent K was never his partner. When he confronts Agent O, she realizes that either Agent J has gone nuts OR there is a glitch in the timeline.  Agent J meets the young Agent K and tries to warn him about the dangers the future hold. Agent K being himself, believes his story but does not trust him.

The best scene in the movie would be when Young Agent K appreciated Agent J and says that “he is a good man” which leaves Agent J in a twist. He realizes that this is not the grumpy “K” he knows. Don’t mistake the movie only filled with bromance, Men In Black 3 is filled with vaporizing gun and aliens. Andy Warhol is an Agent of Men In Black, which is played by the comic genius Bill Hader. The scene works as a comedy scene but also contributes to the plot by making Agent J and K meet Griffin.

Men In Black 3


The thing which keeps people engrossed is the interaction between humans and aliens. Josh Brolin stands out while Will Smith has a charismatic flow which makes the movie funny and a strange tail.