Triple action with Borderland 3 : E3 Reveals it to be MORE DEADLY

Get ready for some high voltage action with Borderland 3. This is a first-person video shooter game and involves a lot of effort.

Shoot and loot-

  • The game is loot driven. Players can either play alone or can create a group of a maximum of four people to earn experience points.
  • Defeating enemies is another excellent way to gain rewards.

New characters amp up the game-

  • This new game adds four new playable characters- Amara, Moze, Zane, FL4K.
  • Amara is known as the Siren who gather all the heavenly fists.
  • Moze has a unique nickname and is known as the Gunner. This young gunner rides an Iron Bear.
  • Zane is the ultimate operative character. There is not a single gadget that he does not own.
  • FL4K is the robot wanted by everyone. It is a beastmaster and gathers all the aids to fight.

New game new skills-

  • Borderland 3 is much different from its previous version.
  • The earlier series had only one particular skill.
  • The new game offers three unique features to its characters making the game all the more exciting.

Equipped with many weapons-

  • This time to gang up against the enemies over a billion guns is present.
  • Players can also use features like ice and fire to destroy the dreadful enemies.
  • The visual variety of the new game is undoubtedly going to give a new look and vibe to the entire game.

More power to players-

  • As the players get access to exciting weapons, they become more powerful.
  • Borderland 2 showed the use of Slag.
  • In this new version, Slag is replaced by radiation making the enemies really weak.
  • The radiation feature not only causes pain to one enemy, but it also spreads to other enemies as well.

Some other perks-

  • Weapons also include shield kits, grenade modifiers, and class modifiers.
  • Players can generate their loot on per player basis.
  • Players can also take refuge behind short barriers.