All about Riverdale season 4- new adventures, mysteries, casting and much more!

The CW has renewed popular teen show Riverdale for its fourth season. The finale of season 3 left fans wondering about the fate of the characters. Archie and his friends are prepping up for their senior year. The season 3 finale promised several surprises for the characters in the fourth season.

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The possibility of a crossover with Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, has the fans look forward to the new season. There has been speculations about the possible crossover for a long time. Bringing in Katy Keene on the show, is sure to boost the trp ratings of the show. Lucy Hale who portrays Katy also confirmed the possibility of a crossover. “There’s probably going

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to be a crossover. Fingers crossed!” she told Entertainment Tonight.


However, Lucy also portrayed Josie in Riverdale before joining the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. She has officially been written off from the show. So, a crossover between Riverdale and the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is very unlikely.

Season 3 debutante Wyatt Nash would appear in the new season as ascertained by Deadline. Wyatt portrayed the character of Charles who appeared as the half-sibling of Jughead and Betty. Charles is also an FBI agent monitoring the Farm and Edgar Evernever. So, Charles’s return in Riverdale season 4, would definitely be intriguing.

Fans are also looking forward to new villains on Riverdale. The new season promises to solve new mysteries like the Black Hood or Gargoyle King. The flash forward at the end of the fine episode for season 3 was ominous. Although, Archie and friends might look forward to their senior year, yet things could turn pretty sinister by the end of spring break.

The official dates for the Riverdale season 4 premiere are yet to be announced. It is, however, expected to be aired in October, this year.