Did Strauss Zelnic hint – Red Dead Detemption 2 finally impending PC?

Rockstar and parent company Take two Interactive had launched one among the foremost recognized Red Dead Detention 2 within the month of October last year. Since then they have kept us awaited concerning details thereon for PC version. The company has till date made no official announcement however all have had fair reasons to remain excited about it. We all grasp that they typically launch PC versions passing of months like GTA 4 took 7 months, GTA 5 took double (14months) so LA Noire took six months for instance.

In a recent investor briefing which held this week, Strauss reverted that there was no downside to releasing this game on PC to investors who allegedly said that the game would be a “layup”. This for sure was no confirmation but Zalnic answering in a different way than dismissing the question adds up to our bucket of “ reason to believe in”. Earlier in the month of May this year, a profile of former physics programmer for Rockstar Torronto as picked up by Reddit mentioned of the PC version on LinkedIn. Further Dutch retailer Media Markt’s list having PC version available added to believe though it was later found that it was just a placeholder.

Apart from being positive for release on PC which in the month of April was rumored to be on 9th July followed a fake game scene uploaded calling it of the existence of PC version. We are concerned if the game is solely going to be streaming through Sony’s PlayStation Now Service as it did for Red Dead Redemption in 2010. We think that there is no substitute for the streaming game through your own library.

Rockstar is enjoying popularity with one of the best games after RDR2 and GTA5 being found as one of the favorites. Just in case you game lovers uncomprehensively to possess upgraded to a different game have look for yourself at official Game Play Video Part -2 released on October 1, 2018, also at Red Dead Redemption 2 Launch Trailer released seventeen days later on 18th October. For us to know the Companion app that launched alongside RDR2 had prompt of PC version under work following Rockstar Intel parameters with the app ostensibly inform towards PC graphics options like particle shadow quality, reflections, motion blur strength, etc. The Oculus in the parameters is seen as an indication of VR compatibility.