Game of thrones isn’t getting any old, neither Arya Stark. Check out how?

Arya Stark! Well, this name is not unfamiliar, and if you supposedly not know about her, there’s a possibility Game of Thrones fans might get offended.

Arya Stark is one of the most important characters of the very famous series, Game of Thrones. It’s a fictional character. As we all know, Arya is the most explored character in GOT. She goes from being a little girl to the gone rogue. Her every aspect is written in such a way that it makes her different from another character. Unlike the other characters, she doesn’t have a straight story and learns from everything and everyone what she can and become dominant, and it doesn’t have to be a prominent character. She goes from being Arya Stark to becoming “Nobody.” She is a full-fledged warrior who can kill any person. She becomes so smart that she outwits the most intelligent traitor. She becomes a complete assassin. Arya Stark is the portrayal of every girl. The girl Arya Stark is the sister who stands up for her siblings even to the degree of threatening others for life. Arya Stark is indeed awesome.

But despite all of this what we know about this superwoman, it is seen that the crazy fans are not ready to recover from some of the scenes from the final season and they have emerged a new theory which suggests that  Arya Stark shouldn’t have been the one killing the Night King! It should have been Theon Greyjoy. These theories are the talk of discussion right now on the internet and their many people who are discussing it. They are drawing attention towards the small characters of the series say Theon Greyjoy and expects that makers should have made him kill the Night King.

Game of Thrones is a series of 08 winning seasons with a tremendous amount of fan following.