HBO confirms there will be no ‘Arya Stark’ spin off show

Game of Thrones has given us many memorable characters, like Arya Stark. Her character was all set for a spin-off which was confirmed in January.

Every GOT fan admired Arya Stark and her character development is one of the most prominent ones on the show. Although the finale of Season 8 was not the ending fans hoped for, there was still something for the fans to look forward to. Earlier this year, the creators were happy to announce a spin-off series based solely on Arya Stark.

It looks like there was a change of plans, because it was confirmed by HBO’s Programming President that there would be no spin off series for Arya Stark which left fans even more disappointed than before. Her character will always be beloved by many especially after she completely destroyed the Night King and his army.

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Co-creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss revealed in an interview that they tried to make it blatantly obvious that Maisie William’s Arya Stark, would be the one to do it. They had given hints throughout the show starting from Season 3. People had always assumed that Jon Snow would emerge as the hero but it wasn’t so. But it wasn’t Jon. It was always going to be Arya, Melisandre saw that in her eyes way back in season three.

“We hoped to kind of avoid the expected. Jon Snow has always been the hero, the one who’s been the savior, but it just didn’t seem right to us, for this moment,” Benioff said.

Although the creators had always intended it to be Arya, fans had different theories saying it should have been Theon Greyjoy. A reddit user M3_Driver stated why it should have been so. It was a pretty convincing list of reasons because many fans started questioning why it didn’t happen this way. Theon Greyjoy was technically a prince after his father, ‘the self proclaimed king’ died after the rebellion, after which Greyjoy was taken by the royalty of Winterfell.

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Although fans have their speculations and theories, Arya Stark is still loved by everyone even more so after the murder of the Night King. You can binge watch Game Of Thrones on Hotstar.