Here’s The Reason Why ‘Chris Hemsworth’ Named his Daughter “India”?

It looks like Chris Hemsworth, (or should I call him Thor?) holds India very close to his heart. India is here referring to his daughter as well as Country India. Talking on how he named his daughter after Hindusthan, he revealed that India plays a very special role in both his and his wife’s life.

The choice of the name depends majorly on Elsa Pataky (his wife), and himself. His wife spent a lot of time in India and found it beautiful and touching. Their daughter, India Rose, was born after their twin sons Sasha and Tristan Hemsworth.Here's The Reason Why 'Chris Hemsworth' Named his Daughter "India"? Although he found shooting in India to be intimidating, he admits the experience was pretty exciting. He confessed his love to India saying, “I love the place and the people. Shooting there… There were thousands of people on the streets every day & I have never experienced that on set. It was intimidating as it was exciting because there were so many people.”

He also added, “After every take (when the director) called ‘cut,’ there was loud cheer. We felt like rock stars in a stadium. But the warmth and support we got while shooting there, no matter how disruptive we were to their daily lives, it was so good. People were so positive. I have a huge appreciation for that.”Here's The Reason Why 'Chris Hemsworth' Named his Daughter "India"?

When asked about whether he had any plans of making some in Indian films, he hinted that there might be a few talks about that. However, it’s quite difficult to speculate further about whether we can expect any of his Indian films soon.

He took to Instagram to immensely thank the people of India for their kindness and generosity for making their film there.

At the moment, Hemsworth is excited to continue the Black men legacy with the new film Black men: International. Sony Pictures is planning to release this film in India on June 14 in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, and English.