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Is Finally “Kung Fu Hustle 2” is Happening? Confirmed by Stephen Chow

After 15 years of the release of cult martial arts comedy Kung Fu Hustle, lead actor and director of the movie has confirmed that he is working on the sequel of the same. He confirmed this news for his fans in an interview to promote his new movie The New King of comedy.

Stephen Chow announced that he would start with the sequel after he completes the sequel of The Mermaid his 2016 mega hit movie. Stephen will again direct his movie and will also play the lead role as per the rumors, but the direction will be done by him only for sure.

Is Finally "Kung Fu Hustle 2" is Happening? Confirmed by Stephen Chow

First, in 2005 the rumors were spread but was shelved in favor of Journey to west, which is a sci-fi action- comedy movie. Chow said that this would not be a sequel but similar to the Kung Fu hustle when one of his fans asked about it in Guangzhou.

Chow also added that the shooting would be done in a foreign country, set in modern times in a similar direction. As the actor Stephen Chow is 56 years old already, he asked his fans whether he can act in an action movie like this or not.

Is Finally "Kung Fu Hustle 2" is Happening? Confirmed by Stephen Chow

Well as his fans are so fond of him that they all just replied with a big yes for him to act like an action hero, but Chow said that he can’t do action scenes now and maybe if do so he will end up beaten up by others. He ended this conversation on a laughing point.

Now we can assume that he will not act in the sequel but will direct it. No dates are announced or confirmed by the team about when they will start working on it or what will be the storyline, but so far we know that Kung Fu Hustle is getting its sequel soon which will be set in the modern era.

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