Kicking and Screaming: Kung Fu Hustle 2 is Coming

Martial arts enthusiasts might start high-kicking in delight when they discover that a sequel to the beloved action-comedy movie Kung Fu Hustle (2004) is in the making.


The poster for Kung Fu Hustle. © Pinterest

Kung Fu Hustle was a wuxia movie: a Chinese picaresque that follows the adventures of Sing (Stephen Chow), a martial artist whose life’s ambition is to become a fearful gangster. He succeeds in joining the Axe Gang led by Brother Sum (Danny Chan Kwok-Kwan) and has a number of darkly comic and memorable experiences, all of them involving the highly sophisticated and masterful art of kung fu.

In February this year, Stephen Chow stated that Kung Fu Hustle 2 is going to happen under his direction. He also confirmed that he would not be part of the core cast; he would limit his onscreen appearance to a cameo.

What to Expect

Chow says that the sequel will be a “spiritual” one. What we must understand from this is that the movie will not draw out and tie up loose strings from the narrative of its precedent. Instead, it will be set in the present day and will capitalize on stunning fight choreography, black humor, and eccentric characters.

A scene from Kung Fu

Whilst movies of the martial-arts genre do have a considerable cult following, and it will be difficult to predict with certainty the fate of Kung Fu Hustle 2 as its predecessor might not be in recent memory, and also because it seems unlikely that the original characters will play a major role in the upcoming movie.

Kung Fu Hustle is memorable for having assembled a cast of acclaimed 1970s Chinese martial artists cum actors. This in mind, there are high chances that Chow and the producers of the second installment have been keeping their eyes peeled for fresh and exciting new talent.

To all the fledglings of the martial-arts flicks fandom and the nostalgic oldies, grab yourselves a lollipop like the one on the poster and sit yourself down to the zany greatness that is Kung Fu Hustle.