Tencent games PUBG mobile all new updates for deathmatch mode

PUBG has become peoples favorite in a short duration of time……… Here is all you need to know about PUBG mobile.

Tencent games will be releasing new updates for PUBG mobile soon. Originally updates were about to arrive on 31 May. But now it is confirm that developers are working on the new version and players have to wait for few more days for installing the updates.The version 0.13.0, the newest one has already gone live in beta. we are expecting it to be out soon for public usage.

The update is going to bring a new team deathmatch mode for the players. Like other deathmatch games this will also allow its players to experience a similar game play. It will be team game where the players can pick their weapons and other essentials required for the match. The team which kills maximum number of opponent players win the match..

This mode will be fast paced and hence more existing. Two teams consisting of four players can take part in this mode, battling it out to win 40 points. These 40 points would then decide the winner. The other team which failed to collect 40 points thus looses the game.

The best performing player will be given The most valuable player award and can go for next level. Isn’t it interesting???? This update will definitely make PUBG mobile the number one mobile gaming application. The audience is eagerly waiting for the latest version. We too would request the developers to launch the update as soon as possible.

Hoping that this update allows users to get a awesome gaming experience.

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