The 100: Season 6 Episode 6 ‘Memento Mori’ Update will Children of Gabriel & the Sanctum’s conflict will end?

Episode 6 of The 100 inched even closer to the impending conclusion of a sixth season that, if the novels are anything to go by, might just prove to be the show’s penultimate.

Entitled ‘Memento Mori,’ the episode further endeavored to address the incessantly growing doubts about the purpose and existence of the mysterious Children of Gabriel, a militant outfit pitted against the original inhabitants of the Sanctum.

With Clarke’s seeming death having dominated screen-time and proceedings during the ‘Gospel of Josephine’, the mantle of centre-stage for Episode 6 was helmed by Diyoza and Octavia, a duo that has now become firmly entrenched in the collective psyche of the show’s fanbase, with Xavier educating the two about the aforementioned group’s origins.

Subsequent to a meeting with Gabriel Santiago, the figure who founded the eponymous group, Xavier learns that it was disillusionment with the fellow Primes’ ambitions that led the older man to branch away and waged ideological terrorism against his very own kind.

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The episode also built upon the tete-a-tete witnessed between Josephine and Murphy in Episode 5, with the former offering the latter immortality. Murphy also provides more detail about Clarke’s thoughts and opinions to aid Josephine’s cause of impersonating her and, more pertinently, ensuring that Abby remains unsuspicious, which she accomplishes later in the episode by touching upon personal issues few other than Clarke would have known about.

Of course, needless to mention, the episode’s main talking-point stemmed from the confirmation that Clarke is alive.

Fans had instantly taken to forums after the release of Episode 5, with more than a few questioning the likelihood of the show writing out a protagonist whose odyssey it’s spent six seasons building upon, only for their theories to be confirmed merely an episode later as Clarke awakens within Josephine’s conscience.

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The episode’s developments, along with the increasing strength of Dark Commander Sheidheda and Octavia’s injuries being seemingly related to the Anomaly, are sure to figure heavily into the latter half of the season, having sowed the seeds for its catharsis.

Directed by Michael Blundell and written by Kim Shumway, Episode 7 – titled ‘Nevermind’ – will air on the 18th of June.