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What Officials are Focusing on “You” Season 2, Fans are Super Excited? Know Everything.

As you all know that on December 2018, lifetime had passed on the second season of “You” an American psychological thriller television series to Netflix. The second season of “You” now will be produced as Netflix original series. Season two is likely to be dropping in autumn next year, but it’s unclear whether the show will have a global Netflix release now that it’s moved over to the streaming service.

On twitter cast, recently added photos with the caption “seeing Joe with love and Candace makes us happy being single. You S2 in production” this clearly shows how good the production is going on. You are based on a novel named “you” by Caroline Kepnes. Season 1 was a hit with 10 episodes.

What Officials are Focusing on "You" Season 2, Fans are Super Excited? Know Everything.

The first season follows Joe Goldberg, a bookstore manager in New York, who meets Guinevere Beck, a prospective writer. He immediately forms obsession towards her and thus to feed his passion, he turns to social media and technology to track her presence. To eliminate all obstacles between their romance, he applies all possible methods.

He got so obsessed with her that he follows her everywhere and even stoles her phone to get access to her activities like where she goes and with whom she spends most of her time. He kills people who are either bothering Beck or are the “obstacles.” At last, you will be stunned to see the end. We will leave you to watch the show.

What will “You” season 2 focus?

What Officials are Focusing on "You" Season 2, Fans are Super Excited? Know Everything.

Season 2 may release next year in the autumn season, but it is not clear whether it will release globally or only in America.
In this sequel, we are expecting to discover the murderer as we all know who it is, with the methods he killed them. We will see Jenna Ortega too who will be playing Ellie, who will form a stronger bond with Joe as per the sources.

We all are waiting to solve this mystery soon in season 2 of You with You all.

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