Aladdin 2019: Will Smith As Genie Was Super Fun, Movie Review

The movie, Aladdin which released this year had everyone anticipating its release. Unfortunately, it wasn’t able to catch up to the original.

This year, on 24 May, a remake of the classic 1992 animated 2-D movie, Aladdin was released. No one can ever forget the original film which marks the renaissance period for Disney animated movies. Disney movies have always been a treat to watch. The 90’s animated film still makes us nostalgic and dream of the world of magic, princes, and princesses.

Will Smith as Genie in Aladdin remake:


When Disney revealed that it is remaking Aladdin, all of us had high hopes. The biggest shock was when we got to know that the role of Genie was being played by none other than Will Smith, the actor whom everyone recognizes as the hard and tough Hancock. And when the trailer was out, we saw the larger than life-sized, blue painted Will Smith. It was enjoyable to watch him act that way.

Will Smith revealed that he was a bit afraid to play that role in the start. “Coming into this first starting with fear – it started with fear – what Robin Williams did with this character was… he just didn’t leave a lot of room to add to the Genie”, he said at a press conference.

Princess Jasmine stole the limelight:

Naomi G Scott, who played the role of Princess Jasmine, stole the spotlight with her superb acting skills and voice. She looked like a perfect blend of beauty, charm, strength, and fierceness, just like a princess should be. Mena Massoud who played Aladdin also pulled off his role quite well.

Still, Aladdin was not able to match the original one standards. The CGI effects were not so impressive in the film. The direction also lacked somewhere. The movie was not able to create much the same effect as the original one. Still, the audience surely enjoyed Smith as a Genie granting wishes.