Author Kirsten Smith reveals Elodie, Moe, & Tabitha future in Trinkets season 2

The hunger for watching good Netflix is never-ending. To satisfy that hunger, Netflix is going to release a YA series soon. This YA series is based on a novel which follows the same name trinkets. This series holds the story of three friends Elodie, Moe, and Tabitha that how three of them become friends and they find out that they are going to the same shoplifter anonymous. All three of them are apart from the school’s circle. They soon start to share a friendship bond and start telling their story

There is a lot to know about the three girls. As in season 2, the girls begin to direct their life and get to know how they start shoplifting. The season 1 story holds that how Elodie has found an excellent place in Portland, but her shoplifting habit always gets her into trouble. Tabitha is still somehow, dealing with her father cheating and Moe is living with her mother, and her father has left them.

What is going to happen in trinkets season 2?

As it’s a month since the show has come out so we can’t say anything about the renewal of the season 2. It takes a month for the streaming service to announce the renewal. It’s too early to say anything about season 2. So there is plenty of time for confirming the 2nd season of the trinket.

When season 2 of trinkets is coming back?Author Kirsten Smith reveals Elodie, Moe, & Tabitha future in Trinkets season 2

Since season 2 has not been announced so, we can’t say anything about the release date of the season 2. We will be updated with the confirmation of the season 2 and with its the release date soon. Chance are that the creator and Netflix are going to stick with its summer show so we can expect that the season will come back in next summer maybe in May and June.

What will be trinkets season 2 all about?

Sad news for the fans is that we don’t have a book sequel, but we have plenty of many ways that the show can continue from season 1 ending. Trinkets author and executive producer Kirsten ‘Kiwi’ Smith told the media that we still have a lot of stories to say about the three girls “We have a lot of stories to tell, so if we’re so fortunate to get that, we’re armed and ready to go,” she said. “I can live with these characters for a long time.”

She told the media that the book still holds a part which hasn’t been used in the season one, so there is a chance to use that part of the season come back for season 2.