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Behind The Scene of “Fast And Furious 9” Delay, Most Exciting Surprises For Fans!

On 22nd May 2020 one more sequel of the mega-hit franchise is going to amaze you. Yes, none other than “Fast and furious 9” is coming next year. Are you excited about it right? In 2017 when “Fast and Furious 8” was released than many considered it as the last part but the news of part 9 is itself amusing news.

Earlier the movie was going to release on April 10 of 2020, but the company pushed the date by six weeks to May. This is not a problem so far as the date was shifted for business nothing else.

Will Luke Hobbs continue to work in fast and furious?

Dwayne Johnson Has already confirmed that he will not reprise Luke Hobbs for the franchise’s 9th installment. The news is not surprising though, but fans want him to be a part of this upcoming installment. Johnson has also expressed his interest to increase his role with the franchise, and we may expect for the same too. Right now they will be busy in shooting the spin-off, the aptly named Hobbs and Shaw.

Behind The Scene of Fast And Furious 9 Delay, Most Exciting Surprises For Fans!

Behind The Scene

Tyrese Gibson recently called Dwayne the reason for the delay in the release date through social media. Now an online war is going on between both of them. They both are continuously hitting each other with their comments.

Having problems among co-stars is not new, but will it affect the main show, or it will just fly away in a glance.

Story of fast and furious 9

Fast and Furious 9

Based on the last movie some guesses for 9th installment are that as Dom betrayed the team during the last film, it seems high that we will see more of that cohesive family dynamic in the next film.

Moreover, with Cipher still on the loose. But her shadow will always follow everyone.

We hope this one will be again a hit and are waiting for more updates.


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