Justice League 2 Release Date and Production Timeline

Justice League 2 Release Date and Production Timeline

Ever since the unexpected box negative reviews and critique response of Zack Snyder’s Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, trouble started for the DC Extended Universe.

Following the commercial success from films like Wonder Woman, Man of Steel, and Suicide Squad, Warner Bros had seemingly put in a lot of faith and money into films created by Zack Snyder which undeniably gain financial triumph till Batman vs Superman hit the theatres. The 2016 BvS movie though gained a significant amount of profit by an appreciable margin, received negative and mixed reviews that no one foresighted.

Failure of BvS led to the Doom of Justice League:

This put Zack Snyder in a tough position as he had clearly stated that the then-upcoming movie Justice League was nicely entwined with BvS and would make up for a very interesting watch. However, due to an unseen family tragedy, Snyder had to withdraw from the Justice League project in which he was deeply involved, thus leaving frayed strands.

Joss Whedon was then appointed to oversee the rest of the making of the film which followed extensive reshoots and clearing over a large script from Snyder’s original plan. This probably could’ve been a major mistake committed by DC as Snyder had already said that the two movies were connected and people couldn’t spot any linkages between the two in the newer version.

Justice League 2 Release Date and Production Timeline

Why was Justice League 2 canceled? 

The major failure in this big movie made Warner Bros incur losses and obviously take some steps to cut down on it. And this led to the cancellation of the second installment which was originally decided to release on June 14.

Though Zack Snyder had big plans for Justice League 2, it is unlikely we’ll ever get to see them executed. At some time, he also had mentioned Batman’s character dying in Justice League 2 and definitely had envisioned something entirely different than what it turned out.

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