Even Iron man and Black widow’s death couldn’t defeat Avatar at box office

Avengers Endgame not just only ended the saga of 22 movies but brought us the death of two iconic characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Iron Man and the Black Widow are the two of original Avengers that started it all. With their death, many fans were heartbroken, but the important thing is that these deaths provided a perfect storyline. If a movie has an exemplary movie-going experience, then it is evident that there will be a crowd of moviegoers. And ultimately it means lots of money!

Endgame was blockbuster at the box office breaking the multiple records in an unbelievable concise time. The movie grossed $1.223 billion in the opening weekend. This figure is the Highest opening weekend gross previously held by Infinity War. The film is the fastest movie to gross $500 million, $1 billion, $1.5 billion, $2 billion, $2.5 billion. Endgame achieved this feat within 20 days of release.

But for the all-time movie gross, it is still more than $50 million behind the then blockbuster Avatar.  Avatar is a 2009 epic science-fiction film directed by James Cameroon. Avatar stands atop in the list of the highest grossing movie ever with a whopping $2.788 billion box office collection while Endgame falls just short behind with $2.733 billion box office collection.

The difference is still $55 million, and the good thing is Endgame is again running in theaters. Avatar crossed $2.5 billion marks in 72 days while Endgame doing just in 20 days, so we can still think the time is always there to surpass Avatar. Avengers Endgame is still running in theaters all around the globe, and still, the digital and Blu-ray release it yet to come. We think Endgame will surpass Avatar eventually.