Keanu Reeves Entering in Marvel Phase 4? True or Rumour

Keanu Reeves is undoubtedly the best Badass in Hollywood. Keanu has an image of being a badass in his movies, and now is he Joining Marvel? And it is safe to say that he is one of the most divisive actors of all time. His films like matrix and much more recent one John Wick 1,2 and 3 are movies to rewatch every week.


In John Wick, Keanu is the unkillable badass, which is shooting bullets side by side while delivering an Oscar-winning performance. Adam Warlock is one of the most compelling characters, and Keanu Reeves might be playing this role in the future. Keanu is rumored to play as Adam Warlock in phase 4.

YES!!, Adam Warlock was created by enclave to be part of a race of superior humans who would abolish war, illness, and crime. Adam Warlock has the image of being a formidable character with immense power by his side. Keanu is the best choice to play Adam on a big screen. Keanu’s acting in John wick shows how much he looks good in a serious action film.

James Gun’s Guardian of Galaxy will be the first movie in which we will see Adam Warlock. It will be fantastic to see Keanu Reeves playing in MCU as Adam Warlock. Just like in comics, there are a lot of instances where iron man looks precisely like RDJ. Almost everyone in Hollywood agrees that Keanu was made for this role.

Marvel itself indicated that he could play as Adam or could be selected to perform any other character. Everyone loves Keanu, and he is a great choice to portray Adam o big screen.