Ming-Na Wen confirms Agents of SHIELD Season 7 ahead of Season 6′ Finale

Ming-Na Wen confirms Agents of SHIELD Season 7 ahead of Season 6' Finale

Season 6 hasn’t even premiered yet, and we’ve already got word that the filming of Season 7 is on the go! And while the cast and crew are working themselves to the bone with two back-to-back seasons, here’s all the secrets and surprises from the new season that we’ve uncovered!

A Cliffhanger on the Books?

The Word is that Season 7 along with Season 6 will be slightly shorter, running with only 13 episodes instead of the regular 22. Season 6 elaborates on a one-year time jump into the post-Thanos world, which means that Season 7 could go in any direction.

What we do know, is that showrunners Whedon, Tancharoen, and Bell are planning a story split over both seasons, tied up with a cliffhanger ending in the sixth that the seventh will resolve.

Ming-Na Wen confirms Agents of SHIELD Season 7 ahead of Season 6' Finale

When Will We Find Out?

Season 6 premiered this May and is already six episodes in, which means we can expect Season 7 somewhere in the summer of 2020, ending in the fall. Official news of filming for Season 7 beginning came from Ming-Na Wen’s Instagram, (who plays Agent Melinda May) back in February when she posted this on her Instagram:

Marvel fans have another reason to be pleased though. ABC’s early renewal of Season 7 means the show is definitely up for two more years and we won’t have to suffer through the period of is-the-show-canceled? That typically comes after each season.


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Now, the scary part

Actor Clark Gregg who plays Agent Phil Coulson told Den of Geek in an interview that Season 7 may be the last. “The announcement I read was, ‘Two more seasons, six and seven,'” said Gregg. Is he right? Well, before the series was renewed for Season 7, ABC’s boss¬†Channing Dungey said it Agents of SHIELD had a long way ahead.

“I hope that by moving it to summer, where our live-same-day ratings are less important, it might be able to continue for longer,” he told THR when explaining why it was pushed to a different release date.

Is this the end? No one knows for sure but we sure as hell hope it isn’t. In the meantime, let’s gear up and watch the rest of a fabulous Season 6!

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