Netflix Trinkets: Not an average romco, grabbing the intrest of teenagers

Trinkets is an original production of Netflix. The story is covered in ten episodes. Another season is expected to follow up. The story is of three teen girls who have shared a common instinct of shopping. Elodie is a kleptomaniac. Trinkets are a new hit on Netflix now.

All about the Plot

Trinkets which happens to be an original production of Netflix is not just any average romcom. Though, it seems analogous to the shows like 13 Reasons why or Sex Education, Trinkets contains three girls in their teenage years, all three of them are kleptomaniacs(a psychological disorder in the patient has the urge to own whatever he/she gets holds of without pay for them). The entire story is wrapped up in ten episodes in total, the second season of which is expected to be streamed.

the story of Trinkets is narrated from the perspective of a teenager named Elodie Davis. Elodie Davis is an introvert, carrying the grief of her mother’s untimely demise in her little heart and she has been compelled by the circumstances to stay with her father. A condition she was not approving of. It is a classic tale of a quirky persona, striving to fit in but suppressed by the hierarchal position of other girls in school. Elodie chooses other extra curricular activities to keep herself occupied and distracted from the objective adversities which she feels she is likely to face.

The story of Trinkets is based on a novel named “Kiwi”. However, the harsh phase of her life is soon brightened when she bumps into two other girls of her age who share common interests. This meeting gives way to an unlikely friendship.

An Obvious Analysis

The first season of Trinkets ends on an open-ended note which raises the expectation of a second season amongst the audience. A note that should be taken is that Trinkets is not just any romcom like many others that have been produced by Netflix. It is a confession through a narrative of teenagers caught in the postmodern era of disintegration, the vile intention of quick success and the misconception of measuring pleasure by bending the objective condition to one’s own advantage.

Trinkets have emerged to be the new hit on Netflix now as it has already managed to garner multiple people as an audience.