Netflix’s first Arabic series, Jinn to be premiered around the globe

Netflix’s first Middle East original has officially released. The series would premier in a hundred and ninety countries around the world. It is set in modern Amman and the ancient city of Petra. It follows the life of a group of Arabian teenagers. Unbeknownst to them, a jinn has entered into their world.

Credits: The NationalIt is a defining moment for Netflix as Jinn is the streaming site’s first Arabic series. Amin Matalqa, co-director of Jinn, spoke to Khaleej Times about the show, “ “I don’t expect Jinn to be a game changer like the runaway hit Game of Thrones, but at least it’s a stepping stone in the right direction.”

The supernatural show follows the teenagers as they unknowingly invite two jinns into their world. The friendship and romance between the teenagers are tested with the arrival of the jinns.

The show has roped in Elan and Rajeev Dassani as producers. The duo were involved in hit shows like Scandal and Justified as VFX specialists.

Credits: Variety

Jinn stars Salma Malhas as Mira, Hamzeh Okab as Keras, Sultan Akhail as Yassin and Aysha Shahaltough as Vera.

“It’s important to have shows like Jinn where youngsters like us can relate to and see themselves in these characters. It’ll help young people dive deeper into their own culture,” Malhas said about the show.

Jinn would be a series of five episodes. It was filmed in Jordan. After the initial auditions, it required a year for the cast and crew to complete filming the episodes.

“The biggest challenge was to bring the script to life. We had the budget, the outline but we needed to work on the tone of the show,” Amin Matalqa talked about the challenges faced by them in shooting the series.

The first episode from the show, is set to be released today.