Netflix’s The Rain Season 3 coming next year in 2020 with Alba August Lucas & Lynggaard Tønnesen return to the show

The post-apocalyptic web television series “ The Rain” will be back with its season 3. The Rain season 1 was premiered on Netflix in the Summer of 2018. Season 2 was released in May 2019.


A deadly virus accompanied by rainfall had wiped-out humans in Scandinavia. Later on, for years two Danish siblings happened to be living safely in their bunker. Now, they have ventured out in search of family members and others. They are also joined by a group of survivors.

CREDIT: Netflix

In the last episode of The Rain season 2, both Jean and Rasmus was affected by the virus. Jean planned with his friends to take revenge on Rasmus, for whom Jean’s girlfriend had sacrificed her life. Jean called the Apollan who killed Rasmus’s girlfriend Sarah. Mad with rage Rasmus killed the Apollan soldiers with the virus proving that he had never been cured. To stop Rasmus his sister Simone tried to intervene in the tussle. During this tense situation, Simone shoots Rasmus who was about to kill his sister’s boyfriend. Lonely Rasmus, is guilty as he had killed many people. He decided to handover himself to the Apollans so that they could extract the deadly virus from him to create an antidote.

In season 3, we will see a change in Rasmus and Simone’s relationship. The story will also focus on Simone and her boyfriend Martin. We can expect, the return of Rasmus’s girlfriend Sarah (who has some traces of Rasmus’ s virus) back from death.


The cast includes Lucas Lynggaard Tønnesen as Rasmus, Alba August as Simone, Mikkel Følsgaard as Martin, Sonny Lindberg as Jean and Natalie Madeuño as Fie and others. We expect the comeback of Clara Rosager who played as Sarah. We will also witness new characters in this season as well.

Release Date

The Rain season 3 is scheduled for the Summer of 2020. We expect some news from the makers in the coming months

The psychological thriller with many twists and turns will be worthwhile waiting for. The Rain season 1 and 2 are now streaming on Netflix.