Upcoming Series “The Order” Season 2 Release Date And Updates

Netflix is back with its sequel of The Order. Netflix has not started revealing the release date and information regarding the sequel.

The rumors are coming that season 2 will be out in 2020. As season 1 is streamed in 2019. And it is assumed that if the rush happens, it can be released by the end of the year.

The actors cast in The Order 2 is still suspense as the cast has not been announced by the Netflix yet. But the main lead is assumed to be back in season 2.

Upcoming Series The Order Season 2 Release Date And Updates

Jack Manley and Sarah Grey are assumed to continue the lead roles in The Order cast as Jack Morton and Alyssa Drake respectively. Peter Morton is not supposed to be back after the events of the series though Edward Coventry (Max Martini) could be if The Order can rescue him from the Vade Mecum.

Christopher is also expected to return in The Order season two cast. So the show can investigate their lives post-amnesia.

It is expected that Jack may have to spend the whole next series finding out about The Order all over again. We will also no doubt find out in season two whether Jack’s grandfather Peter is dead or whether this is another Order tactic.

While the order is currently streaming on Netflix, you can watch it to understand the whole series once season two will be on air. The Order is a horror drama series. And this exciting horror episode and story will be continued in the second series too.