Fans are very Excited After The First Poster of Upcoming “Wonder Woman” Movie in 2020


    Comics are all time favorite no wonder why DC comics have become movies, each character of DC comics have its fan base. “Wonder woman” is itself a compelling character who fights opposite to the “cheetah” the villainess. “Wonder woman 1984” is going to be 4th DC Extended Universe production revolving around a specific character.

    After the announcement of the official name of Wonder woman 2 as “Wonder woman 1984” fans are in thoughts that why the director Patty Jenkins added 1984 or why she set this up in the 80s but she answered in one of her interviews that 1980s was the struggling time thus she wanted to make it in that time.

    Well “Wonder woman 1984” starring Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, Kristen Wiig as cheetah and Chris pine as Steve Trevor. Yes, in this movie, Steve will return to his life and how he will return no one knows, but many have made assumptions for the same.

    Fans are very Excited After The First Poster of Upcoming "Wonder Woman" Movie in 2020

    First rumor says that the mysterious character of Pedra Pascal will help Steve to come back to his life, and Pascal could be the villain of DC “Lord Maxwell” who is a businessman who have big goals except for world business he wants to be the most powerful man in the world and thus to do so he relives Steve but these all are rumors as his character is yet to be announced officially.

    In addition to Pedro Pascal, Kristen Wiig is also introduced as cheetah so the assumptions speak that Maxwell may hunt for a rare ancient magical artifact that can make him more powerful than a god. It’s during this hunt that he hooks up with Minerva, who helps him on his journey until their relationship goes sour when an artifact curses Minerva, transforming her into Cheetah.

    now Lord has to worry about Cheetah coming after him and so he reaches out to Diana Prince for help, promising to bring Steve Trevor back from the dead in return. These are all assumptions until “Wonder woman 1984” hits the theatres on 4th of June 2020.