Fans Are Very Excited If Marvel Can make the Match up of X-men and Fantastic Four


    Superhero movies are all cool, and when it comes to the production from Marvel studios or Marvel comics, they all are just unbelievable and have their separate fan base. Yes, it is probably hard for everyone to decide whether they like x men more or Avengers.

    Last week X Men: Dark Phoenix hit the theatre and nailed the record of its franchise. Staring from 2000 X Men series is just unstoppable and are earning more and more with every series, based on the Marvel comics written by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

    Fantastic four is again a mega success project of 2015 by Fox studios directed by Josh Trank, four peoples who get some power from an alternate universe to save earth against one of their old friend who had turned into a villain is an attractive storyline.

    Fans Are Very Excited If Marvel Can make the Match up of X-men and Fantastic Four

    Now as both Disney and Fox are officially merged there is a huge chance of them working together as said by the CEO of Disney that there shouldn’t be two marvels so fans are watching towards a massive project which may collab both the organizations.

    There is fuss all over the internet that Fox is planning out to make a fantastic four vs x men and earlier Fox hired writers and courted a director to create a script for the same. This can go like Johnny Storm while trying to apprehend the villain Molecule Man blows a hole in Manhattan and sparks the superhero registration act in response to the carnage.

    The heroes are split, and the key matchups was a Wolverine vs Mr. Fantastic battle that ended with Reed Richards pinning Wolverine down and so on. Eventually, the heroes make peace.

    This is what we know till now but looking forward to this great massive project fans are very excited for the same.

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