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Jennifer and Adam spoof themselves in their new outing together…

One could argue that both Aniston and Sandler have played iconic characters which were genre-defining. Both have embodied many lovable and funny characters to the teeth and made us in awe of them. Well, for the upcoming Netflix movie, Murder Mystery, both Aniston and Sandler pair together to take us on a hilarious ride. This is not the first outing for the couple together as both have previously worked on, go with it.

The movie portrays Audrey( Aniston )and Nick Spitz (Sandler)as a near-broke married couple who go on a 15-years-delayed European honeymoon and wind up being invited on a billionaire’s yacht where a murder takes place. The trailer for the movie was boisterous all the way through. All in all, if it’s entertainment that you want, you are bound to get it in abundance.

Moreover, you’ll find some scenes in the movie where Aniston and Sandler make fun of their celebrity. Here are some instances in the film where you can notice them.

1. Audrey(Aniston) is asked to leave after she’s caught sneaking into first class

It’s not easy to look at this as a spoof for someone unaware of some facts, considering that on the surface this situation is hilarious for a whole different reason. But coupled with the fact that Aniston starred in a commercial in which she has a nightmare that she’s on a plane without a bar, is funny.


2. Audrey and Nick defend her shoe choice…

Okay, so everyone is aware of how Aniston is viewed among other celebrities as a trendsetter . Especially her shoe choices are looked upon by others for inspiration and downright copying her styles. So it’s hilarious to see Aniston defend her shoes from the target.

SOURCE: What’s on Netflix

3. The hair one…

I bet no one from the nineties has forgotten about them “The Rachel,.” So it’s quite silly to see Aniston doing someone else’s hair when her hairdo was the inspiration for millions.

source: Roger Ebert

4. Sandler gets starstruck…

In the movie, we see Nick(Sandler) getting starstruck, taking into account how often people get starstruck seeing him, it could well be an impression of one of his many Fans…


You get other subtle spoof by them throughout the movie, let us see, as fans how many of them you found out…Do comment…

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