Time to Face the Fear “Blair Witch at E3 2019”


    What if I tell you that you can live the experience of being in a horror place without actually going there! Confused? Don’t be, and you can experience and fulfill your dream of being in a haunted place by the “Blair Witch” video game releasing on August 30, 2019.


    Blair Witch is a first-person horror video game developed by Bloobers. The game will be available on Xbox One and PC. The game is based and adapted from the famous “Blair Witch Project” released in 1999, which makes it more intense and exciting to play for. With top class visual experience and layers of fear, making everything seem real, it may be a fresh breath to the video game industry.


    As said the game is an adaption from the early Blair Which project the story is on a haunted Black hills forest the entire game is developed. An ex-policeman named Ellies goes on to the Black Hills forest to find a missing kid named Peter. His journey to find the kid in the game. But wait it’s not as easy as it sounds, of course, there are hurdles of fear with the scenarios, that is the abandoned buildings, creepy forest, and the Blair witch sign which is no wonder horrifying itself.

    But like a good story, the main character is accompanied by a dear friend a ‘dog’ named Bullet. The journey as told is recorded by a cam recorder and torch as helping equipment is provided to the main lead.

    Isn’t it exciting? A great storyline with new visualization and you being the main character. The game tests one’s reaction levels to the happening of events. The trailer got a lot of love and reviews, and hopefully, the game releasing on August gives the double excitement.