13 Reasons Why Season 3: Can Dylan Minnette’s Clay Jensen finally find justice for Hannah Baker

Everybody is highly anticipating about season 3 of teen drama thriller 13 Reason Why. The show created by Brian Yorkey for Netflix has been renewed for the third season in June 2018 and will start streaming sometime later in 2019.

The upcoming season will directly begin from the finale of season two where Clay is holding the gun and police sirens are approaching near. The finale had multiple bizarre and engaging events. Bryce is indicted however condemned to just three months’ probation while Justin is sentenced to six-months probation. Justin can be released by his parents, but unfortunately, his parents aren’t showing up.

So Clay and his parents adopt him. Another confusing events took place- Nina burning the polaroids. Chloe says that she is pregnant to Bryce child to Jessica. And lastly, the shocking turn of events happen- Tyler, planning to carry mass-shooting in school. But thanks to Clay who apprehends Tyler and motivates him not to do it. Tony then helps Tyler to drive away, but police sirens are heard in the distance and Clay is holding the gun.

Now, Hannah (ghost and narrative plot) has bid farewell to Clay at church outside during Hannah’s funeral. So, it’s obvious that she will not show up in upcoming season while Katherine Langford (who plays Hannah) has officially pulled out from the show.

It’s obvious now Clay is the primary character and his fate his something we have to watch out for in Season 3. Will he be able to provide his crush a justice? Or will he face some problem instead of as he is holding the gun? Clay is not the reason for Hannah’s suicide, but she thought he should know the idea. Clay is actually an introverted guy who never attends party, the last time he participated in the party was back at 4th grade in Kat’s birthday party. This introverted guy even suffered from depression and was rumored to be gay.

So for such guy, taking steps to provide justice is something out of the box thing. The fate of this guy is often confusing. But what it will be, it will be tremendous and decisive to conclude the story.