Could Henry Cavill in Netflix’s The Witcher impress gamer fans as Geralt of RiviaPlot, Team and More


    We’re all waiting for our favorite veteran series to be continued this fall. But Netflix also has some new bizarre, and interesting content lined up for us. Read on to find out everything about The Witcher, Netflix’s latest upcoming supernatural fantasy show.

    The Mystery Plot of Netflix’s The Witcher

    The show will consist of eight episodes, all based on Polish writer Andrzej Sapowski’s work. His novel series is based on a monster hunter lead character called the Geralt of Rivia with supernatural powers in a deep, dark world.

    “When destiny hurtles [Geralt] toward a powerful sorceress, and a young princess with a dangerous secret, the three must learn to navigate the increasingly volatile continent together,” the official description tells us.

    The Team Behind it All

    Sapowski is working on the series as a creative consultant alongside brilliant writer Lauren Schmidt Hissrich and several A-listers for directors, namely Alik Sakharov (Game of Thrones) and Charlotte Brandstrom (Outlander). When you have such a great production team who needs more? Unless of course, Superman is in the cast.

    The Superstar Cast

    Henry Cavill sits on the throne of this cast, playing the Geralt of Rivia, in Gandalf-style long white hair; minus the beard. Netflix released a ‘first-look’ clip of him in costume in October that left fans totally in mixed feelings. Check it out:

    A bit of a jump from Superman, to say the least.

    Cavill will be joined on-screen by an equally talented Freya Allan, The War of the Worlds actress, taking on Ciri, a princess role; Jodhi May from Game of Thrones as Queen Calanthe; and Adam Levy from Knightfall as druid Mousesack.

    When Do We Get To See It?

    It’s confirmed that The Witcher will release in “late 2019”.

    Henry Cavill shared on his Instagram in early June that filming had wrapped, right on track.

    We don’t have an exact date yet but J Peer Norton, special effects artist on the show might’ve given us a hint with an Instagram post that was later taken down.

    “That’s officially a wrap on The Witcher,” he wrote. “Now it’s over to… who all have a great deal of work to do to get it ready for air in December. Good luck, everyone, can’t wait to see it.”

    There you have it. Looks like December it is. And we really can’t wait.