HomeExciting news for Pokemon fans, Pokemon Go Fest 2019

Exciting news for Pokemon fans, Pokemon Go Fest 2019

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Great news for all Pokemon fans out there. The Pokemon Go Fest 2019 in going in full swing in Chicago. The organizers have successfully come up with the third fest in a row. People from different places of the world flock together to catch the exciting and adventurous events at the Pokemon Go Fest.

pokemon go fest 2019

Date and Time

The global event began on Thursday, June 13. This event is going to last until June 16. People can catch glimpses of all the exciting events from 11 a.m to 7 p.m. The venue of this global event in Grant Park, Illinois.

Tickets, please

The event planners of this great event have kept the entry fee to a minimum of 25$. The nominal fee would get a good response from all over the world. This is a single day fee to the event.

Rules to follow

The organizers have provided a full list of items that can be taken into the ground. These items include Binoculars, Go pro cameras, and pre-packaged food. There are also restrictions to certain items such as glass containers, large backpacks, drones, audio or video recording equipment.

pokemon go fest 2019 huge crowd

What to expect

The event is full of global challenges, shinnies, and special Pokemon spawns.

Global Challenges

There are four groups of trainers present in this global event. Each group is assigned to a particular task, and after completing the task, each can unlock exclusive global bonuses. If everyone can complete all the tasks, they are rewarded with a special day of raids.

Raikou Raid Day is the ultimate reward. All the events are quite entertaining, and people usually have a great time here.

Shiny Horsea

In this particular event, people have to find as many little horses as possible. It’s quite hard to stumble upon a shiny one. Although, the lucky ones might get it.


Special spawns will be circulated globally in large numbers.


There is also a special flower crown Pikachu. The nine mission quest of the trainers will end with a face off with Jirachi.

This year the event is quite bigger and on a much larger scale than the last year.

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