JAMA Psychiatry finds link between suicide rates and 13 Reasons Why

A new study from JAMA Psychiatry found correlations between teen suicides and Netflix series, 13 Reasons Why.

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This study focused on suicide rates and its causation to find out that after the release of the show, suicide rates had spiked up by almost 13 percent which is shocking. The experts termed it as ‘teen copycat suicides’. The show cannot solely be blamed for it but it does play a huge role in the statistics. It has triggered what is now being known as ‘suicide contagion’.

13 Reasons Why has been criticized before because of how the show tackled such a serious topic such as suicide and turned it into a show about teen melodrama. The show has touched upon other important topics but has failed to send out a positive message, even though it never meant to do that.


Right after the release, there was news of a young boy who committed suicide and left tapes for his friends, just like Hannah Baker, the protagonist of the show. Then there were continued reports of similar incidents which also contributes to the data of the study.

The show is popular among young fans which has encouraged the producers to issue a warning before every episode in the second season. The show is going to be back for Season 3 but many individuals think it would not be a good idea after all the deaths.

Although there were trigger warnings issued, it still had a very graphic rape scene. Anne Winters, who plays the cheerleader Chloe on the show, said it was very disturbing to watch because she herself was an assault survivor.

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The third season will pick up right where they left off and the creators released a teaser in 2018 but there has been no news about the series yet. The creators have confirmed another season but production and development hasn’t started yet. Although Kathrine Langford, who plays Hannah Baker on the show has confirmed that she will not be be back for the new season and is focused on other projects.

This season is also expected to have more episodes but experts have suggested it might not be such a good idea. Despite such negative effects on society, it has also helped decrease the bullying rate amongst the youth aged between 10-19.

Although there are avid watchers of the show, people who liked Season 1, highly criticized the second season and would prefer if the creators didn’t drag the show for another season, but it is going to be back for Season 3. You can binge watch the show on Netflix and judge for yourself.