Jason Momoa expressed his desire to portray Wolverine in an interview


    Jason Momoa, who portrayed the role of Aquaman, expressed his desire to play Wolverine. After Hugh Jackman bade goodbye to the role in Logan, Disney is in search of possible replacements. Momoa’s role as Aquaman thrilled the audience who would love to see the actor take on similar roles.

    Credits: The Independent

    Jackman’s exit from X-Men and the Marvel Universe left a gaping void. After Disney’s takeover of the Marvel characters from Fox, there have several suggestions for the role of Wolverine. Zac Efron, Keanu Reeves, and Tom Hardy were all rumored to take on the role. The recent comments by Jason Momoa, had fans rooting for him to play Wolverine.

    Aquaman was DC Universe’s biggest hit last year. When Jason Momoa, was initially cast for the role, fans weren’t particularly happy. Many of them felt that Momoa would not be proper fit for the role.

    However, after last year’s blockbuster movie, Momoa managed to dispel all doubts. Momoa’s desire to portray Wolverine has been welcomed by fans.

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    The possible foray of Jason Momoa into the Marvel Universe might be problematic. It would cast a shadow of doubt over the future of the highly anticipated Aquaman 2. Fans need not worry yet as it was only a suggestion put forward by the actor.

    In a Celebrity Fan Fest in San Antonio, Texas, Jason Momoa talked about Wolverine in response to a question. As per SuperBroMovies, the actor was quizzed about a character he would like to portray in MCU. Momoa then answered that it would be Wolverine.

    He explained that the role would be a “no-brainer”. The role would require him to be strong and quiet but remain good-hearted. Jason Momoa’s previous roles required almost the same as him. So, it would be fitting if he were to play Wolverine.

    A reboot of X-Men movies is on the cards for Marvel. Fans would have to wait and watch who takes over the role of Wolverine.